The Invisible Kitchen


The idea behind
The Invisible Kitchen

As our world continues to evolve, our devices such as phones, computers, and automobiles, continue to adapt to meet the demands of everyday life. Yet how will technological advancements influence home design? How will our kitchens transform to meet the needs of a changing environment and society? These concerns are at the heart of Miele's latest project, The Invisible Kitchen.

The Invisible Kitchen is pioneering new ways to integrate both existing and future technologies into everyday life. At its center are the users and their inspiration. The kitchen itself assists them and gives guidance but otherwise remains out of sight. Embedded and discreet tools help us to save energy and minimize food waste. Powered by super computers, kitchen technology is revolutionized to have more power, reliability and sustainability than ever before.

How The Invisible
Kitchen inspires us


Imagine guilt-free cooking at the click of a button. Creating savory yet healthy dishes, with more consistent results, is just one of the many benefits brought to you by The Invisible Kitchen’s smart technology. It will allow us to engage with the food we are preparing, explore new tastes and share memorable moments with others.

Join the conversation about how we will cook in the future and how the cooking process will become a more universal and interactive experience. Discover with us new culinary depths, surprising cooking experiences, dynamic personalities, and thrilling technologies.

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