Smart Technology

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The Rise of
Cognitive Cooking

Welcome to the cognitive era. No more overcooked milk, and always a perfectly grilled steak. Creative and fascinatingly innovative recipes beyond what humans could come up with – the endeavors to facilitate assistance systems for more comfortable, assisted and yet inspired cooking mark a paradigm shift in cooking culture.

Watson, IBM’s supercomputer best known for winning Jeopardy, is a chef now too: Taking a huge amount of data – recipes, cooks books, studies, social media posts – it analyzes it for patterns and connections to create extraordinary and novel recipes and food pairings. To combine the power of a computer with the expert knowledge and experience of Miele, the household manufacture has provided operation modes, times and temperatures of several hundred automatic programs. Yet still a study, a chef for every household is likely to become reality soon.

The same applies to KogniChef, an assistance system developed by the Citec Institute at Bielefeld University and Miele. KogniChef will facilitate the entire cooking process with smart, embedded and unobtrusive appliances: monitoring temperatures, advising on ingredients, and supporting in coordinating every step.

Building collaborative relationships between the cook and technology is revolutionizing the cooking experience with the ease of a virtual button.


A New Frontier
in Home Design

The Universal Home is the future of household technology – bridging the gap between daily routine and automation. Eleven member companies have come together to develop cutting-edge advancements across kitchen design, home monitoring, and appliances. One realization of this is a future table, part of a joint project between WMF, Poggenpohl Schott and Miele. It is a table unlike anything else in its class. Ceramic glass turns the center of the table into a heating source with the click of a button. Temperature variations are controlled via the ease of a tablet. A wood veneer design provides versality for the use of fine dining after meal preparation.

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