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A Revolutionary Way of Healthy Cooking

Eating healthier is more than a trend – it has become a lifestyle. For many of us, transitioning into this lifestyle, while facing our daily demands, has proven to be a challenge. Imagine if there would be ways of preparing your favorite indulgent meal without the guilt or fullness that follows. What if the secret is not to change your eating habits or to forego specific ingredients? What if the answer to healthier eating is to revolutionize the way of cooking itself?

One major step in this direction is with the use of steam in leading-edge kitchen design. Steam cooking is no longer limited to simply vegetables and side dishes. It is now powering a movement into the future of healthy eating in the home. It enables you to enjoy your favorite meal with full flavor and distinctly reduced calories . Steam-powered kitchen devices (e.g. combi steam ovens) deliver consistent results ranging from perfectly baked cakes to reduced-fat meats. A healthier diet just became a lot more tempting



The Pop-Up of the Future

“Steam by Miele” was the London-based, calorie-neutral pop-up restaurant supported by Miele’s steam technology. “Steam” emerged as a direct response to people’s increased interest in the culinary world along with the desire to maintain a healthy quality of living. The minds behind Steam came together to develop an evening of fun, indulgent, and yet conscious, eating for an exclusive group of individuals. Invitees were treated to exquisite dishes while also being introduced to various exercises before, during, and after the meal. The result was enjoying a fine dining experience and leaving without any caloric impact – a food lover’s dream!

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