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Merging Culinary
Science with Sustainability

As the demands of our environment continue to evolve, the way we approach kitchen design must also be considered. This includes how we consume food and the long-term impact that may have. Chef Douglas McMaster is the mastermind behind Silo, a zero-waste restaurant based in Brighton, UK. Silo is pioneering a whole new way for restaurants to approach food. Starting at the source, Silo partners with only local farmers and suppliers to provide the highest quality ingredients based on the season. A priority is to eliminate any potential material waste and to compost all biological remnants. Additionally, each staff member is a master of their trade, whether baking, home-brewing, or designing interiors from recycled elements. This reduces their global footprint by producing their products in-house. Precision is key and it is this exact value that attracted Miele as a partner. Together, we can see how smart technology, such as Miele’s steam oven, is used to create masterful dishes that are both healthy and mindful.

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