The Invisible Kitchen

The future of cooking begins now.

Introducing The Invisible Kitchen: where intuitive technology meets timeless design. It is where loved ones come to gather and where aspiring gastronomists come to experiment. It is the heart of the home – a kitchen redefined in ways that are comprehensive enough for the most demanding chef and yet approachable for the beginner cook.

The Invisible Kitchen will power the future of cooking
in a safer, healthier and more inspired home.


The Event @Zona Tortona

Where the vision of tomorrow becomes tangible.

For the first time the visionary idea of The Invisible Kitchen will be presented in Milan during the Milan Design Week  2016 from April 12-17.

Experience The Invisible Kitchen and see how Miele merges tomorrow's design with digital and hi-tech innovations to support you as you cook. Gourmet chefs share their ideas and prepare delicacies. Taste new levels of culinary delight and explore exciting perspectives of the future of cooking.

The Invisible Kitchen – Yet our visionary idea, soon your reality.

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Future Cooking

The future of cooking is driven by a combination of ingenuity and imagination. These elements are the core of The Invisible Kitchen’s design, technology, and performance.

Discover a new way of kitchen design that will support your meal preparation in unexpected ways. Watch how internationally acclaimed chefs are creating exciting and inventive experiences. Learn how innovative tools can assist your own efforts to elevate your culinary experience to another level - that of the future.

Come take a look… inspiration awaits.